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ARABIAN PROJECTS & TRANSPORT Co. (OMAN) LLC was founded in 1976 and due to a steady and measured growth have become a successful and respected company within the global business community. MORE>>
Objectives and Scope
Arabian Projects and Transport Company (APTC) Group has developed a Quality Management System, to satisfy the needs of its cus-tomers and to improve the system. MORE>>

Group Companies

Our quality objectives are:

To sustain the ISO 9001 certification

To provide a customer focused service

To continually plan, check, review and improve all that we do

To train and develop the skills of the employees

The day-to-day management and administration of the Company is overseen by the Management Committee under the chairmanship, direction and control of the Group President Mr Abdullah Hussien Jamal

We Arabian Projects &Transport Co.(Oman)LLC take pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the leading excellent grade company for General Civil Engineering works since 1976.

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